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Our Work


We are the only organization in the Two Rivers Region dedicated to ending the cycle of homelessness among single men, women, and families. We provide shelter, support, and inspire a pathway forward to individuals and families experiencing or on the verge of homelessness.

Operating from our main campus in Ames, Iowa, our outreach spans the Two Rivers Region, serving Story, Marshall, Boone, Greene, and Hardin counties.

At The Bridge Home, we are not just dedicated to providing immediate relief. We provide a continuum of care from preventative services to housing programs. We offer the tools, resources, education, and guidance to empower individuals and families to secure long-term solutions — free from judgment. 

Homelessness does not discriminate. We very much rely on the kindness and contributions of supporters to bridge the gap between homelessness and housing. There is much to be done, and we can’t do it alone!

Our Continuum of Care

Proactive and Short-term Program, Long-Term Program



Designed to reach the homeless proactively, we collaborate with local law enforcement to meet the homeless where they are and offer assistance in camps and on the street.


We offer financial aid to those at risk of eviction and utility service interruption while providing resources and support to stop the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck.


We provide short-term emergency shelter and tailored housing support services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness and provide food, financial education, and health and wellbeing assistance.



Our supportive housing program is client-focused. We provide services to those experiencing homelessness based on the degree of their need and the severity of barriers they are facing.

We help clients secure affordable housing and provide the tools needed to overcome financial barriers and maintain a permanent home. The objective of this program is to work with clients to achieve their own goals and lead them to self-sufficiency. While our services are offered on an ongoing basis, this is contingent upon clients maintaining their progression and sustainably reaching their goals.

This program offers individualized support services, including life skills counseling, employment assistance, budgeting and financial literacy, and community resources referrals.


Typically a six-month program, we provide short-term rental assistance and support services to help individuals and families quickly exit homelessness and obtain and retain permanent housing. The program is tailored to the needs of the individual. It encourages self-sufficiency through life skills counseling, employment assistance, budgeting and financial literacy, landlord/tenant education, and community resources referrals.


We connect clients to various external programs and community resources to help them achieve sustainable, healthy outcomes.

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