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About Us


The Bridge Home is a non-profit organization devoted to bridging the gap between homelessness and housing by providing shelter, support, and inspiring a pathway forward for individuals and families experiencing or on the verge of homelessness. 

Founded in 1985 to address the growing need of individuals and families requiring shelter, a trend that continues today, we are the only organization in the Two Rivers Region dedicated to ending the cycle of homelessness among single men, women, and families. In the last year alone, we have proudly served over  3,740 people, 13,900 nights of shelter, with more than 20,000 requests for assistance.

At The Bridge Home, we are not just dedicated to providing immediate relief. We provide a continuum of care from outreach to housing programs. We offer the tools, resources, and education to empower and guide individuals and families facing the challenges of homelessness towards long-term solutions — free from judgment.

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We walk with those who have fallen on hard times to help them find hope and a home.


We will build on our success to become a model service provider by implementing cutting edge best practices.


Inclusiveness, Hospitality, Respect, Self-empowerment, Compassion, Hope.


The Bridge Home serves the Two Rivers Region in central Iowa, comprising Story, Boone, Greene,  Hardin, and Marshall counties.

Leadership and Staff

Board of Directors


Dan Douglas


Diane Mccauley

Vice President

John Dalhoff


Jennifer Garst

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Mark Chidister


Carolyn Cutrona

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Donna Kienzler

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Jeanette Olson


Doug Powell


Marv Prins


Mary Ross


Scott Thompson


Dave Wohlsdorf

Leadership Team


Jodi Stumbo

President and CEO

Linda Munden, MPA

Senior Executive Director

Shari Reilly

Executive Assistant

Andrea Gronau

Development Manager



Elizabeth Siddens

Housing Team Lead

Shayla McDougal

Housing and Outreach Specialist

Maggie Carmichael

Housing Specialist

Lynn Owens-Hill

Supportive Housing Specialist

Melinda Heddins

Assistant Director of Shelter Services

Troy Jansen

Shelter Coordinator 3

Randall Mathews

Shelter and Safety Coordinator

Keeli Hansen

Shelter Coordinator

Tammy Gilliam

Shelter Coordinator

Theodore Reader

Shelter Coordinator

Zoe Allert

Shelter Assistant

Gabe Babinet

Shelter Assistant

Raichel Beierle

Shelter Assistant

Alyssa Black Bear

Shelter Assistant

Tashiana Deleon

Shelter Assistant

Casey Keller

Shelter Assistant

Jasmine Sanchez

Development Associate

Hannah Walker

Development Intern

Jodi Stumbo

Originally from a small town in western Iowa, Jodi Stumbo graduated from Iowa State University and began her teaching career. After moving to Ames, she spent 16 years with the Iowa State University Foundation and served as their executive director of communications. 

With a passion for helping those in need and bringing light to the struggles facing many in our community, Stumbo served as the development director at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Story County before assuming her role as executive director for The Bridge Home.

Stumbo believes we all need a helping hand at some point, and it takes a village to help our neighbors in need. She takes great joy in witnessing the excitement and pride of staff and clients when a family overcomes a hurdle and moves one step closer to stable, sustainable housing.

Striving to be a voice for those in our community who go unheard, Stumbo aims to dispel the myths surrounding homelessness — it can touch anyone — but there are people who care, who are listening, and want to help.  

“The people we work with want to change their lives. They want to support themselves and their families. They want to be contributing members of society.”

Linda Munden, MPA

Joining The Bridge Home in 2017, Linda Munden has dedicated her professional career to serving the homeless. She is a strong advocate for the Housing First philosophy supporting permanent, affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness.

Having worked as interim executive director for ACCESS Assault Care Center, Munden has a background in grant writing, finance, housing and shelter, and case management. She is committed to making the most significant impact on the largest number of people.

Through her involvement in state and local committees, Munden believes her voice and vision can be heard by those in power to make real change happen. She strives to align The Bridge Home with best practices to provide exceptional care and meet the growing need for our services.

Munden graduated with a degree in philosophy, studied social work at the University of Iowa, and received her master’s in public administration from Drake University.

“My co-workers are my people — like family to me. I love doing what I do with people I love in the service of those who need us most.”

Shari Reilly

Shari Reilly served on the board of The Bridge Home for over ten years before joining the staff in 2021. Reilly comes to us after 25 years in ministry, including 20 years coordinating rent and utility assistance, service and immersion break trips, and a multitude of other social justice and peace-making efforts. After her own experience of housing instability as a child, Reilly has always had a heart for those who struggle to make ends meet, and found the opportunity to contribute to a new direction with The Bridge Home too good to resist.

“People say, what is the sense of our small effort? They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time. A pebble cast into a pond causes ripples that spread in all directions. Each one of our thoughts, words and deeds is like that. No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless. There is too much work to do.”
― Dorothy Day

Andrea Gronau

Originally from a rural Western Iowa community, Andrea Gronau came to Ames to study agriculture at Iowa State University. Her career path took many turns and she spent years in banking, but one of Gronau’s favorite jobs was managing the fair-trade non-profit in downtown Ames, and she missed the non-profit world.

Gronau is elated to have the opportunity to work at The Bridge Home, because she wants to share their amazing mission with the Two Rivers Region. She loves showcasing The Bridge Home’s story to donors and the community and wants people to know that their donations and gifts matter and make a difference in The Bridge Home’s clients’ lives.

“Unforeseen circumstances can impact anyone of us and without a family and friend support system, we all may need The Bridge Home services in our lives.  If ever in need, we would want to be treated with compassion and have a place like The Bridge Home to seek help and a hand up.”

Elizabeth Siddens

Elizabeth Siddens grew up in Dallas, Texas, but moved to Iowa in 2014 to attend Iowa State University. She received her Bachelor’s degree in child, adult, and family services and out of college worked at MICA as a Family Development Specialist for nearly two years before moving to The Bridge Home.

Siddens chose to work at The Bridge Home because she has a drive to come alongside individuals and families who are struggling and help get their feet underneath them, and work with them to live stable and healthy lives. What she loves most is getting to know the clients she works with and their unique stories, interests, and strengths.

“A lot of individuals don’t know where they’re going to sleep tonight, much less how they’re going to make it to work on time tomorrow. Here at The Bridge Home we believe in housing first, so that our clients can feel safe and comfortable in order to start getting things in place for them to maintain that housing once they complete our program.”

Shayla McDougal

Born in Hopewell, Virginia, Shayla McDougal grew up in the Midwest and overseas. She ultimately found herself pursuing a degree in animal science at Iowa State University before shifting her focus to Sociology.

McDougal has been active in social work and the human services field since 2017 with diverse experience including adult mental health, working with families, and two and a half years in administrative support for DHS.

As an advocate for housing for all, McDougal chose to work at The Bridge Home to make a positive impact in our community, and she finds inspiration in helping people accomplish their goals.

“There are more of us that are one financial hardship away from homelessness than we realize, so I think it’s important to have some compassion and willingness to lend a helping hand to those who are struggling. Homeless prevention and rehousing agencies/resources should be a staple in every community.”

Maggie Carmichael

Maggie Carmichael grew up in the Black Hills before moving to Iowa in 2015. With an associate degree in arts from Iowa Central, Carmichael discovered her passion for the human services field, gaining experience in drug and alcohol treatment, domestic violence, and sexual assault from her work as a housing specialist.
Carmichael chose to work at The Bridge Home to meet and learn from the people we serve and to empower individuals and families to achieve a solid foundation, autonomy, and self-determination through supportive housing.
“I hope the world understands that those experiencing homelessness are humans above all else. The word ‘homeless’ should never define a person.”

Lynn Owens-Hill

Lynn Owens-Hill has over 20 years of experience in the social working field and studied psychology at Colorado Christian University and was employed at a victim shelter in southern Iowa before coming to work at The Bridge Home.

Owens-Hill’s life motto is that everyone needs a hand up, not a handout. She loves that The Bridge Home gives her that opportunity to be a hand up to the people they serve, because she knows anyone can become homeless at some point in their life.

“People do not want to be homeless; it just happens.  It could happen to all of us through our lives. I am so thankful that there are agencies that would be willing to help me if I was in that situation.”

Melinda Heddins

Melinda Heddins achieved her degree in health and human services in 2022, and she brings over 25 years of managerial experience in hospitality to her role as Assistant Shelter Director for The Bridge Home.
Heddins has always had a passion for helping others, and she wishes to apply her professional and personal life experience to assist our clients in finding safe, secure housing, and to help them in any way that she can.
“I wish that people would be more understanding instead of judging because hardships can come at any point in time for anyone.”

Troy Jansen

Born and raised in Iowa, Troy Jansen graduated with a degree in elementary education from Wartburg College before attending grad school at Iowa State University.

Jansen joined The Bridge Home in 1996, dedicating his professional career to helping those in need reach their full potential, providing a sense of relief and stability for individuals and families through homeless prevention.

Jansen believes community awareness and involvement is paramount to The Bridge Home’s mission, and “while homelessness affects all facets of people’s lives, it does not define them or their hopes and dreams.”

Randall Mathews

With extensive experience in quality and reliability engineering in communications technology, Randall Matthews created and produced Mosaic, a local cable program enabling crucial awareness outreach for the human services community in Story County.

Matthews graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in sociology and speech communications in 1985 and has served nine years on the board and one year as chairman for Open Line. Matthews provided invaluable training to volunteers in crisis intervention and listening skills before serving as a shelter coordinator for The Bridge Home.

“Working for The Bridge Home, and one-on-one with clients has been my dream job since graduating from college.”

Keeli Hansen

Keeli Hanson grew up on a farm outside of Lehigh, Iowa, a small rural community where she learned what hard work and dedication is. Hanson is a single mom of four children, so she has faced lots of challenges in her life but knows that every day is a new day and is proud of where she’s come.

Hanson has an Associate’s degree in criminal justice and hopes to further her education one day. She’s worked as a correctional officer and a fact finder before joining The Bridge Home in her current role. Hanson loves her work now because she has a passion for helping people, and she is so happy to see clients succeed and become housed so that they have a home to call their own.

When it comes to homelessness, I wish others would understand that it never discriminates, there is always a risk that anyone could experience homelessness, so stay humble and most importantly be kind because you never know what someone is going through.”

Tammy Gilliam

After working as a direct support professional, Tammy Gilliam brings her experience in human services, mental health, and substance addiction to her role as a shelter coordinator at The Bridge Home. 
With an associate degree in psychology and human services, Gilliam chose to work at The Bridge Home because she enjoys helping people in need and finding them secure housing.
“When it comes to homelessness, I wish people understood that it isn’t always the result of drug and alcohol addiction — anyone can fall on hard times.”

Ted Reader

Ted Reader brings over 20 years of experience in human services, mental health, medication management, foster care, and street outreach to his role as a shelter coordinator at The Bridge Home. 
Reader has a faith-bound belief in serving others in need, and he knows the positive effect of a helping hand personally, having struggled with homelessness himself in the past. His favorite part about working for The Bridge Home is the culture of motivation and teamwork instilled in our work environment.
“Be compassionate. It can take less than three paychecks and a catastrophe for many people before they experience homelessness!”

Zoe Allert

As a third-year student at Iowa State University, Zoe Allert is studying human development and family studies focusing on policy and advocacy.

Having worked within the public service and hospitality fields, Allert enjoys making people feel welcome and comfortable. She hopes that working closely with individuals and families will give her insight to better represent them in future policy reform.

What Allert enjoys most about her work at The Bridge Home is the opportunity to connect with clients by having conversations, sharing a meal, and bonding over common experiences. Her goal with The Bridge Home is to serve, uplift, and support our community.

“I wish people would understand that experiencing homelessness is not a preference, a choice, or in any way enjoyable. Those who are homeless are, more often than not, working just as hard in their jobs, education, and relationships as those who have a home. We all need support systems in life; having a home should be a basic right afforded to everyone.”

Jasmine Sanchez

Originally from Chicago, Jasmine Sanchez went to Iowa State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing. Sanchez has a background in fundraising, social media marketing, marketing analytics, and administration.
Sanchez ultimately chose to work at The Bridge Home to make a positive difference in our community, and she finds purpose in helping those who have fallen on tough times. 
“Making a difference in people’s lives is what brings me joy. Everyone is going through their own battles, and we need to be kind to one another, regardless — a little kindness goes a long way.”

Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker, a West Des Moines native, is at Iowa State University, pursuing a degree in communication studies. As an intern at The Bridge Home, Walker is gaining experience in workplace communications and contributing to our social media operations.
“I am passionate about supporting members of my community, and I firmly believe everyone deserves hope and a home.” 

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